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Ambassador Kapneck is Philip Kapneck, the Maryland Trade Ambassador.

Ambassador Kapneck opened Maryland's first overseas office in Brussels, Belgium as the Maryland State Trade Ambassador.

Ambassador Kapneck was appointed to the position in Brussels by Governor Marvin Mandel.

Philip Kapneck contacted and reconnected with people in business and industry he attracted to the USA over the past 40 years, and created hundreds of thousands of jobs for the people of Maryland.

Since the recession, Mr. Kapneck called on some of the same companies he had helped to set up in previous years. He was able to help find even more jobs for people who lost theirs with other companies. It is to be noted that this was not one of his duties, has always gone above and beyond the normal call of duty, to help others.

Even so, Ambassador Kapneck never did seek or want any notoriety or press coverage about his work, so there is little found in the press about his efforts, and that is the way he always preferred it.

People such as Ambassador Kapneck were responsible for the USA's third straight month of increased employment over the 200,000 mark in 2011.

Ambassador Kapneck is a man driven to achieve or exceed the goals set before him, whenever it is possible. He is an icon in his own time, for attracting business and industry and the creation of jobs.

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